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Working Together to End Intimate Partner Violence

Association of Batterers Intervention Programs 

ABIP is committed to ending the interpersonal cruelty of domestic violence, increasing the safety of domestic violence victims and their children, reducing batterer behavior and thinking, making safe communities rather than victims of violent crimes.

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We believe that domestic violence is a crime.  It is a complex problem with roots in an oppressively hierarchical, violence-accepting society. 


Batterers’ intervention focuses on the safety of those who have been battered, on the responsibility of the batterer, and on the need to change controlling and abusive attitudes and behavioral choices. 


We work in cooperation with law enforcement, the medical professions, shelters, probation, parole and other treatment agencies.  We hope to achieve our primary goals and, in the process, to reduce recidivism.  

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The Association of Batterers Intervention Programs (ABIP) was organized in 1989.  ABIP’s membership is committed to addressing domestic violence and issues related to counseling, education, training, networking and legislative changes.

… lasting behavior change is unlikely to take place unless a person’s heart and mind are changed.  It is difficult, if not impossible, that a person can be expected to love and respect their partner if they themselves have not learned or experienced what love and respect look like or feels like.

Nada Yorke, LCSW

... we need to collaborate with each other: the service providers for battered survivors and batterers, medical professionals, politicians, law enforcement, legal professionals, and everyone who is touched by domestic violence. Batterers are human. They learned how to be a batterer therefore we need to teach the batterers what a healthy relationship looks like and how to make the choice to start respecting their partners.

Amanda G. Somdal, LCSW

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